Spring Fling covers the whole of Dumfries & Galloway and usually has about 90+ studios taking part over the three days.  There is no way that visitors can reach every studio, so they have to be selective and map out a route if they want to visit several studios in a day.

Acceptance into Spring Fling is not guaranteed and the application and selection process is rigorous to ensure a high quality and standards of professionalism are maintained.  I didn’t get in the first time I applied, when we were living in Portpatrick, but if I had, I would have been a single lone studio, the furthest west of them all and I suspect many visitors from the east of the county would simply have deemed it too far to travel for one studio.

In October 2018 after moving to Drummore, myself and fellow artists Linda Irving and Jane Fraser sat down and talked about tackling the application process together.  We shared our thoughts, helped each other curate our best pieces to put forward, got our work professionally photographed and scanned and encouraged, cajoled and cheered each other on to get it all done. 

We all found out on the same day (though a few tense hours apart) that we had been accepted, though we had to sit on the exciting news until late February when the participating studios are all announced by Upland, the organisers of the event.

Linda was hosting Jane at her venue which meant there were now three Spring Fling artists very close to each other in this far flung western end of the region and that created much more of a draw for visitors.  We even got some press coverage for putting our wee village on the  map.

We all went through the same process again last October and again, all three of us were thrilled to be accepted.  But this year there will be no visits to the beautiful Rhins of Galloway where you could have been watching Jane turning her beautiful wood pieces in a marquee in Linda’s garden, or seeing Linda putting together one of her stunning wet felted paintings. 

Instead here we are online sharing the experience as best as we can, so I would like to encourage you to visit Linda’s website and Jane’s facebook page and enjoy their beautiful creations  this weekend.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a video tour of the studio to kick of the Spring Fling weekend.



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