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25cm x 20cm

Frame Size

35cm x 30cm

Frame Type

Plain white

Mount Colour


Road Back Home

“Road Back Home” pretty much sums up the view out of the passenger window for a lot of the journey down the eastern side of the Rhins of Galloway.  On one level this is based on visits to many of my local beaches, but it also has a deeper meaning of finding my way back to myself and my creativity after a long break.

The sea is my constant backdrop these days and this painting captures both the delight that my current views offer me and long cherished memories of travelling to the sea with all the carefree joy and excitement of a young child.

Product Code:  FA-00136
Media:  Acrylic on paper
Size:  25cm x 20cm
Frame Type:  Plain white
Frame size:  35cm x 30cm
Mount colour:  Ivory


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