Pink Leaf Silk Scarf

This scarf has been eco printed, which involved laying out leaves onto the silk scarf, then rolling the scarf up into a bundle and gently simmering it for several hours.  The tannins and chemicals in the leaves transfer into the silk and leave behind an impression of the leaf.  The results vary hugely with some leaves giving only a very faint ‘print’ and others creating a strong and dark colour.

This particular scarf was dyed with eucalyptus leaves from the nearby Logan Botanic Garden.  It was then overdyed with a mix of soft pinks, giving an all over pink tone, with pale orange leaf prints.

This scarf has been folded and tied into a half mandala shape that radiates out from the centre of the scarf.  It uses strong vibrant pinks, plums and blues to create a vivid  colour palette.

Pure silk crepe de chine.

180cm x 45cm


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