About Me

Artist Statement

My paintings begin life in the pages of my art journals, a deeply intuitive form of personal therapy, often concerned with the idea of freedom. The visual forms and concepts that evolve from this process are developed into abstract paintings imbued with layers of emotion and rich with personal imagery.

I use acrylic paint, collage, inks and texture media to create my paintings, and love to work with contrasting materials, mixing thick textural grounds with flowing fluid acrylics, often incorporating glass, plaster and metal powders to create rich and deeply saturated layers.

As a trained bookbinder, I often cut, fold and sew finished paintings into unique artist books, some of which become new art journals to bring the process full circle.

I have recently moved to the Southern Rhins, not far from Scotland’s most southerly point at the Mull of Galloway, and find my journals and paintings becoming more influenced by the landscape, the big skies and the quality of reflected light found along the shoreline.

Living in a coastal location inspires me to explore the concepts of flow and fluidity which has led me in some new directions. It also gave me a much greater understanding of the damage we are doing to the environment with plastics which has influenced the materials I now use.

I find myself working in a more abstract and intuitive way, incorporating more water and ink into my mixed media paintings, enjoying the lack of control created by allowing the pigments to migrate, float and interact with textural elements.

This exploration of fluid colour led me into experiments with dyeing, in particular with natural fibres such as wool, silk and cotton and bamboo which do not contribute microplastics to the environment.

I consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for bold colour as the unifying factor across all my work.


I spent several years studying traditional bookbinding with a retired master binder.  I now incorporate my mixed media artwork into both traditional bookbinding and more contemporary artists’ books.


I crochet with natural yarns such as fine wool, cashmere, silk and alpaca. I love to dye and spin my own yarn and find the dyeing process utterly fascinating.  I also dye silk scarves and commercially produced fine yarns.

Fine Art

I am inspired by colour and I am drawn to bold, saturated clashing colours in my abstract work. My landscape work tends to feature a more natural palette and most of my work will often incorporate collage and layers of texture.

When not engaged in artistic pursuits, I am the creative half of Glendrian,  a graphic design, web design and training business which I run with my husband Adrian.

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